The Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary Team

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary, comprises of 46 dedicated workers, whom with love and care, have taken Care of the primates within the sanctuary. It is because of them that Lwiro Chimpanzee sanctuary has stood the taste of time.

Most of the existing workers have stayed here since 2002,

Despite the size of the sanctuary, and the number of primates, the workers are distributed into distinguished categories.
The veterinary team is made up of two tremendous Vets who work tirelessly throughout the day and also during the night hours, so that the health of the primates in the sanctuary is stable.‚Äč

Due to an amazing team of dedicated workers and caregivers, we are always comfortable and sure that all the chimpanzees as well as other primates are receiving the best attention and care they deserve for survival and safety.

The other part of the Sanctuary workers, fully focus on the adult and juvenile chimpanzees, wheres others have concentrated to look after the infants, who receive 24/7 daily care.

However the monkey care takers have been distributed following the different interests, due to the different monkey species. Each caretaker/worker is practically skilled when it comes to handling these monkey species as well as their behaviors

The cooks, buyers and domestic personnel, ensure that the chimpanzees as well as the monkeys including the staff, receive a healthy a diet. They are responsible for the purchasing produce from the surrounding local farmers, and for preparing the six meals per day, while the other resident chimps are given three meals per days.