You’ve waited years for your Congo safari to finally come around. And now you have to decide what you must pack for your  Congo safari. Whether you are a seasoned or a first time  Congo traveler, you will still need to prepare for a whole new packing list to ensure your trip to Democratic Republic Of Congo is both comfortable and successful.

Obviously we all have different fashion tastes, bu there are some must carry safari items that you will need to add to your safari packing list, and these include

Travel Documents

We would be at fault if we didn’t start with this, at the top of the Congo Safari packing list, of what you must pack for your safari. The travel   documents includes your  valid Passport, Visa,  and a yellow fever vaccination certificate which shows immunization as required from every traveler entering Democratic Republic of Congo,  Not Forgetting  your itinerary  and travel insurance.

A back Pack

A back pack is one of the most essential  and necessity Part of any safari.  Your back is your home because after a while, packing will become  automatic that you won’t even know. You will have to get a good weight for your back pack, say 10-12kg, for you will have to pack it a couple of times to find out what fits where. Your back pack is your snail-shell and you will take care of it and its contents that is housed in your backpack.  Hence you will need to work out a happy balance for you.

A water Bottle

Every traveler should hit the road with a water bottle, . This will save you money and help reduce your footprint on your amazing safari. Just as you really don’t want to get dehydrated, a 2 litre bottle  would be the best option. For Long distance travel safaris, i would consider carrying a water bladder with atube(only if it fits in your day pack) for easy drinking


Getting a nice warm windproof gloves that is also water resistant is a nice one to have, but it is not a must, unless you are planning to do snow based activities in Congo such as hiking, gorilla trekking experience or you might experience prolonged exposure to rain.

Windproof Hut

You are definitely going to want a hat for your adventure in Congo. Ideally this will be windproof and warm, and will protect cover your head and ears from the cold/hot weather.

Wind and Waterproof Jacket

Still with the theme of staying comfortable and warm at the same time, then a wind proof, and water proof jacket is what you will want to carry. You can either opt for a lighter shell jacket that keeps out the wind and water and then layer up underneath that with warm fleece layers that trap moisture. Otherwise you can also buy a heavier jacket that provides warmth, wind and water as well

However you can also invest on a jacket that does everything by coming in multiple layers. Which is really up to you

Waterproof Shoes or Boots

Even if you’re not planning on doing much hiking in Congo, I suggest you have a good pair of hiking boots or walking shoes that are waterproof – especially during wet seasons in democratic republic of Congo.

You will often find yourself walking across muddy or rocky areas. The worst thing is getting wet feet when it’s cold, so investing in a decent pair of waterproof boots, be they hiking boots or snow boots is definitely a wise idea.

Thermal Base layers

Base layers are those layer you will want to wear closest to your skin, say under your regular clothes. You’ll want a long-sleeved top and a set of bottoms. You are going to want thermal base layers that are breathable and will wick the moisture away from your skin. So cotton will not work better for you.

Hand/toe warmers

Chances that you may be spend most of your time outside for longer time periods,  either you are particularly susceptible to the cold, you might consider getting yourself some hand warmers and some toe warmers.

These are cost friendly items that actually generate heat, last for a number of hours, and will keep your extremities warm. So if you want to avoid cold toes or fingers, these are definitely a good idea.

USB Car Charger/Power bank

Since the best way to explore Democratic republic of Congo is by roadtrip, and trekking or hiking adventure, you will most likely be spending a lot of time in a rental car or in the jungle or in thick forests. Luckily the cars in Congo have plugs for charging devices. If you are planning on taking any long hiking trips I would recommend bringing a lipstick-sized portable charger, as well as a power bank